With Cypher you can easily find out which interesting people are in your immediate vicinity. Cypher is NOT a dating app where you "like" and "match", it's completely independent of gender, age, hobbies, etc.

Your profile consists of links to your other social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram. You can decide at any time which profiles you would like to have displayed to the public.

Open the radar to see who is located within 100 m of you. Tap on another profile to be redirected to their accounts on other social networks with one click. This allows you to send them a friend request on Facebook or follow them on Instagram, for example.

Remember the profiles to keep track of who you've met. By adding your favorite places in your city to your profile, you can show others where you like to be.

Decide for yourself how Cypher introduces you to other users and add certain intentions to your profile. You can recognize like-minded users by a marker.

You can also link these four social networks to your Cypher profile.

“Straight forward and super simple to use - top app to connect with other people.“

“Good to meet people.“

“It's a classy alternative to get in touch with people around your favorite places.“

“It was never easier to get in touch with people.“